What Senior Living Will Look Like in 2017

senior living 2017 trends

With 2016 in the rear view, senior living providers are taking time to reflect and plan for the year ahead. When deciding where to focus their efforts, providers must consider the role that residents’ adult children play in the decision process and what their expectations are.

Service expectations and service demands are on the rise in assisted living settings, and senior living providers should be prepared to adapt accordingly for a successful 2017.

The Informed Senior Consumer
Consumers, on the whole, are showing up at senior living communities having done the foot work to know who is offering what, with many questions focused on quality care services. Today’s older adult is more particular in the way that they shop for a community. Not only are they coming more informed, but many are also bringing with them their adult children as both advocates and advisors.

They’ve researched senior living options online, they’ve read dozens of community reviews, and they’ve shared personal experiences with their friends. As a result, the buyer is a lot more aware and selective when it comes to finding the best place for Mom and Dad.

What Senior Consumers Want
The profile of senior living residents is changing, with higher acuity becoming more common in assisted living, particularly.

The average assisted living resident is on nine different medications, and that number is not likely to go down any time soon. And if a community has 100 residents, all taking nine or more medications, managing everyone’s prescriptions on a daily basis can become very complicated.

So the new senior consumer wants assurances that they will be cared for, that their senior living community is prepared to offer more than just great dining. That’s why senior living providers now, more than ever, should invest in an electronic medication management platform that can drive efficiencies, prevent medication errors and help reduce an organization’s overall liability.

Attorneys tend to keep a close watch on communities of vulnerable adults, too. Having the right technology can protect organizations from all kinds of liability issues.

The year has just begun, and senior living providers that understand consumer expectations and resident demands will be poised to succeed. Technology can help make all of this possible.

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